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Infrastructure automation & DevOps

Automatisation is the technical basis for all infrastructure, which we like to solve with a variety of different technologies like Puppet.

In reality the bigger part of this work is about communication within and among teams, working out the actual needs and requirements for what needs to be done.


Zero Knowledge Applications

We aim to combine accessible web applications with total privacy in the cloud with zero knowledge systems.

Privacy and usability are the two main requirements for web applications for us. That's why we specialize in the development of Zero Knowledge Software.

Our first big project in this direction is Sealas, an accounting and invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses.

Read more about our thoughts behind Zero Knowledge here.

Current active projects:


Open Source

In everything we do, we heavily rely on open source. We are not just comfortable with the technical aspects of that, such as digging through unfamiliar code — but also with the processes & community.

Current active projects:

Vox Pupuli

Clients and Projects

Vox Pupuli
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